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You can now see a breakdown of your earnings by country!

To view your earnings by country, click on the Statistics tab, then click on "Earnings by Country". From here you can view a breakdown by the last 30 days, the last 7 days and yesterday. You can also view your earnings brown down by each zone you have live.

You can also see your eCPM by country!

Latest Updates from bango stats analytics

Bango have increased the scope of the Analytics web service API to incorporate all Analytics reports that you can view in the management tools.Dynamic link tracking is a new way to track users to and from your site. This new method means you only need to use one tracking link for your package, and simply change the parameters to meet your campaign requirements

Iphone quite popular in surfing wapsites - admob stats

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Apple is the top most device/smartphone used to surf mobile websites at U.S and U.k according to stats from admob metrics.

AdMob Mobile Metrics - May 2010 - Highlights
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Blogspot stats For Bloggers within the dashboard

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Blogger Stats is a new added feature which is immediately available to all public(bloggers) .You’ll only see the new ‘Stats’ tab when you go to Currently, the popular Web analytics service only updates every few hours. On the new Stats page, you’ll see a tab that says ‘Now’, which gives Blogger users an almost real-time overview of which articles are most popular right now, and where those visitors are coming from (both in terms of source and geographical location).The feature is still in beta version, which is why it’s being introduced to Blogger in Draft
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