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track iphone visitors

Choose Segments from the Advanced drop-down, click on "Create new advanced segment ', and to create a segment with 2 criteria. Drag "Operating System" under the "system" dimension in the target area with the dotted-line border, and type "iPhone" in the "Value" field. Click 'Add' or 'statement' to get the second target area, and do the same for the android. Then you can name your segment "High-end mobile" and you will see that the traffic segment in Analytics.iPhone to help you start, but you can always create a custom Advanced Segment compare or merge iPhone visits to other mobile operating systems, for example, if you target AdWords ads the iPhone & high-end mobile devices (which currently includes the android device), you can create a new segment for the iPhone & android.

Track your flash application with Google Analytics

Now track your flash application with Google Analytics

Google can now track flash as it offers the same functionality as the standard JavaScript based control, including the campaign Web site and tracking events. Can be used to track Flash content such as embedded videos, branded micro-sites and widgets distributed, including on-line games.

Learn from though a long way to go on but is quite good if you have enough time for it...