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While having a blog website is fun, the truth is you probably really like knowing how many website visitors you have. You might like knowing what brought the visitors to your WordPress site.Your web hosting company probably provides you with basic web traffic information. The data you receive from your host company can be overwhelming if you dont understand how to apply it to your particular business and website. There are two main stats you will notice visits and hits. Then finding out what it is visitors seemed to like and read on your website would really help you know what people want.

This is where website statistics programs work. Luckily there are many choices to upload on your WordPress website, which means you are bound to find one you like.Google Analytics is by far the best way to track your websites or blogs performance.Once you have your account set up you can track not only the visits and hits on your sites but also the actions visitors take and much more.

Stats - IE looses while windows 7 gains

In August 2010. Microsoft lost 0.34% of their Internet Explorer browser, while Google gained nearly the same percentage (0.36%).Firefox has stabilized and reached 0.02%, 0.07% Safari and Opera lost gained 0.08%.
In operating systems
StatCounter Global Statistics reports that in August, found Windows 7 in total 19.4% market share compared to 17.7% worldwide Vista.XP continues to dominate the global market with 55.4%

How much you earn per country stats - admoda

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You can now see a breakdown of your earnings by country!

To view your earnings by country, click on the Statistics tab, then click on "Earnings by Country". From here you can view a breakdown by the last 30 days, the last 7 days and yesterday. You can also view your earnings brown down by each zone you have live.

You can also see your eCPM by country!

Latest Updates from bango stats analytics

Bango have increased the scope of the Analytics web service API to incorporate all Analytics reports that you can view in the management tools.Dynamic link tracking is a new way to track users to and from your site. This new method means you only need to use one tracking link for your package, and simply change the parameters to meet your campaign requirements

Iphone quite popular in surfing wapsites - admob stats

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Apple is the top most device/smartphone used to surf mobile websites at U.S and U.k according to stats from admob metrics.

AdMob Mobile Metrics - May 2010 - Highlights
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Blogspot stats For Bloggers within the dashboard

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Blogger Stats is a new added feature which is immediately available to all public(bloggers) .You’ll only see the new ‘Stats’ tab when you go to Currently, the popular Web analytics service only updates every few hours. On the new Stats page, you’ll see a tab that says ‘Now’, which gives Blogger users an almost real-time overview of which articles are most popular right now, and where those visitors are coming from (both in terms of source and geographical location).The feature is still in beta version, which is why it’s being introduced to Blogger in Draft
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Why website tracking is so important

Many people don't want to track their websites because they think it is a waste of time specially those who are small website creators.For me i think it is very necessary to track it.Because it gives us really meaning full information about the person visiting our website or blog.

There is a new service named as
I haven't used it yet though feature listed on their website are as follows

summary trend
hourly trends
daily trends
weekly trends
monthly trends
bounce rate of visitors


online & recent visitors
first time visitors
returning visitors
referred visitors
visitors by search term

top navigation lists

most popular pages
top files & directory paths
top referrers
top search terms
top search engines
top exit links (3rd party)
top exit pages
top entry pages

location data

countries/ regions/ cities
companies/ organizations
DMA-codes (US)
telephone area codes for U.S.
ZIP/ postal codes (U.S. & Canada)

technical data

operating system
display colors
display resolutions

Conversion / ROI

Goal Overview
Source Overview

Wordpress Plugin to Show Visitors At Your Blog

Every webmaster should know its website is operating. Live Stats offers running websites and blogs, various statistics and analysis to help webmasters analyze their activities. Web Stats offers a wide range of options on what you want to display on your website or blog.There many of these types of software available for installation and are usually free, easy to implement and very easy to understand and use, but regular study. It is good practice to first place on the day of your visit to the statistical software to control what happens to get traffic to your blog. If you do not need to check at least once a week, the information it gives, it is important to ignore.

Only a few of what this software can tell us the source movement, where it comes from, such as search engines, and if so, what those pages link, or direct traffic. It can also tell us what the key words and phrases visitors use to reach us, now very valuable information about how we can focus on those senses more to benefit from them. This allows the visitor trends and whether they are new or returning visitors, the list could continue, but the important thing is that all this information can help us understand our current audience and helps us to refine our blogs get more visitors.

There is so much information to help you improve your blog if you do not have statistical software installed, you should get it installed as soon as possible was a priority, you need a check-tracker. As I said there are many free software applications available over-Stat by Google Analytics, but it is not one of these two recommendations, it will just starting. For a complete picture of what is available for one type into a search engine site stats and there will be plenty to choose from, it is important to take action and get one installed and then all the information you provide to optimize your blog for maximum effect.

One plugin for google analytics for wordpress blog which will show statistics (unique visitors and page views) about yesterday’s visitors on your site.
Google Analyticator adds the necessary JavaScript code to enable Google Analytics logging on any WordPress blog. This eliminates the need to edit your template code to begin logging. Google Analyticator also includes several widgets for displaying Analytics data in the admin and on your blog.
Works with latest 2.9 versions

Download here