Features of counting4free

  • NO ADS: There will be no ads on your counter
  • Cool styles: We offer counters in 50 unique styles
  • 100% free: We will never charge you for using the counter !
  • Multiple counters: Feel free to sign up for as many counters as you want.
  • No limits: We will count your visitors even if you have quite a lot of them. There is no limit for the maximum amount of visitors to your site.
  • Reload protection: Our counters will display the amount of unique visitors to your site rather than counting all accesses of these people.
  • This way you will know how many real people have actually visited your site. By login in, however, you can also find out the total amount of accesses...
  • MySQL database: Our MySQL database guarantees highest possible performance.
  • Fast servers: This site is running on our high speed dedicated servers to guarantee reliability and performance
  • Support: Our support staff usually answers e-mails within 24 hours.

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Including websites, the counter is also ideal for Blogs, eBay auctions
  1. Todays number of hits
  2. Top 20 referrers
  3. Last 10 referrers
  4. Top 20 search terms
  5. Last 10 search terms
  6. Operating systems in use
  7. Web browsers in use
  8. Screen resolution in use
  9. Detailed stats of last
  10. 25 visitors Password protected stats
  11. Choose from multiple counter skins, or hide the counter so your visitors won't see it !
  12. Total number of visitors
  13. Total hits to your site
  14. Todays number of visitors

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Website Counter Features

  • Referral tracking
  • Agent type
  • Browser type
  • Screen resolution
  • Color Depth
  • Search Engine referrals tracking
  • Keywords typed
  • Country code
  • Currently online users
  • Unique visitor counting (not impressions)
  • Graphical webstats
  • Individual web page counting including Real-time stats Customizable counter Calendar display
  • Historical graphExtensive log queryHost/IP searchableFULL referral URLFULL agent infoEasily identify Search Engine Ref.Multiple Entry pagesEmail Notification by number of hits
  • Allow Demo login ("Guest")
  • File download tracking
  • Free "Top Site" Listing"New Site" Listing
  • Instant counter activation

Christian Counter

Christian Counter
free for your use if your website is related to Christian. Keep track of every hit to your page, within minutes you could have a hit counter on your web site, tracking your hits.

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Features of free hits counter are :
  1. Instant And Free Of Charge!
  2. Hosted on a Fast Dedicated Server - Fast & Reliable!
  3. Choose between a Basic No-Sign Up Blog Counter, or Sign-up for our Advanced Blog Counter to receive Statistics Found on this Sample Report
  4. Many Different Counter Styles To Choose From!Real-Time Blog Counters and
  5. Website Statistics!Advanced Counters Come with a Powerful Account Control Panel!
  6. Works with your Website, Blog ( Xanga and others ) or on Ebay!Custom Blog Counter Designs Possible to fit your blog!

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This website provides free hit counters to track out your websites visitors. You can , use one of their cool unique styles or our hidden invisible counters

Features of these free stats counters are :

  • 450+ different styles (see sample counters)
  • Quality, speed and reliability
  • Free web site statistics incl. daily and weekly history
  • Fast & easy sign up and installation (copy & paste)It's FREE!

Have a look on their sweet sample counters here

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Now here is a another web stats provider which is quite different with others. Features a "little live character" that counts visitors, hits, collect stats and can also sell products or help in site navigation.

  • Live characters. You can select as one as few of them at once (and they will be shown to your visitors randomly).Butterflies ( 5 )Smileys ( 2 )Your own smile (custom image)Flying dollarSnaky - a little snake
  • Optional static image instead of live charactersUse static image on pages of your site where live character do not meet design needsStatistics will be available for borth counters versions at once - Interactive and Static
  • Count hits/visitors in real time mode30 days visitors and hits graphToday page-by-page visitors and hits infoToday referrers list, you can see where your visitors come from
    Custom "On-click" menu
    of Interactive counters (live characters)Your own commands/content of menuUnique menu for each page can be setYou select what your LiveCounter will say to visitor

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Add free stats

free website statistics on their web site visitors. Now you can keep track of how many people visit your website,

  1. All website statistics reports are in real-time.
  2. Free! Increase your website traffic (Include website in web directory)
  3. Can track where your visitors go after they leave your website.
  4. What's the link they clicked for leaving your website
  5. Inlive counts exactly the number of visitors currently present on your website
  6. It's completely free! FREE WEBSITE STATS
  7. Entire profile of the latest 500 visitors.Where your visitors go after they leave your website.
  8. Google Adsense tracking exit clicks
  9. All pages of your web site are tracked !
  10. No website traffic or stats limitation.
  11. Password protection for your web stats reports.
  12. History of your website statistics and traffic.
  13. Unique visitors, visits, page views
  14. Referrer, Search engine, Keywords
  15. Unique Statistics Report for each page
  16. Statistics for search engines, referrers report.
  17. View the countries, regions and cities of your website visitors.
  18. You'll see which website pages are the most popular
  19. How much time your visitors spent on your website?
  20. View the listing of your visitors with their profile.
  21. View stats about the operating systems and browsers used
  22. View stats about the key words used by your visitors.
  23. Daily stats estimate of visits.
  24. Daily estimate referrers and search engines stats.
  25. Statistics with percentages and graphics.
  26. Free and easy to install on your website.
  27. 24 hour monitoring.

Now after so much of features this websites service is looking good enough so for what are you waiting ok wait look at this demo

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Active meter

Without needing to be a webmaster or IT expert,make tracking web site traffic easy to do means you're up and running in minutes rather than days (this is not a log analyzer!) Click-mining allows you to determine recency, frequency, Increase conversion rates of web site visits by knowing who your web visitors are and tracking when they come back Web visitor intelligence can help tell if your web site visitor is a competitor, customer or a sales lead
  1. Totally free website counter
  2. Fast, accurate and reliable service
  3. Visible and Invisible web counters keep your web site looking the way you want
  4. Track multiple web sites from a single account and share
  5. Easy setup and no server requirement
  6. No ads on your website, or popups with advertising.
  7. Referring keywords and clickstream of any web visitor
  8. Accurate site statistics provide the detail you expect in a web site analytic

website hits counter A-Counters

A-Counters - Free counters and web statistics plus webmasters tools.

A counters are providers of the free web statics including
General Summary
Origin of the last visits
Visits and page views per week
Visits per Month

Visits per month

free website stats

Free Hit counters

Every webmaster want to know about his/her websites visitors activity,from where they have come,where they landed by whoose reference (link). web visitor counter is a counter which counts the website visitors according to the desired time period it may be daily ,monthly or so on.

This service is provided by many of the free web visitor tracker websites this blog is all about which websites provide these kind of facilities and how can we benefited with them. We will review all the qualities of these websites.The main points will be speed,cost(free or not),reliability,varying results and many more.