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Without needing to be a webmaster or IT expert,make tracking web site traffic easy to do means you're up and running in minutes rather than days (this is not a log analyzer!) Click-mining allows you to determine recency, frequency, Increase conversion rates of web site visits by knowing who your web visitors are and tracking when they come back Web visitor intelligence can help tell if your web site visitor is a competitor, customer or a sales lead
  1. Totally free website counter
  2. Fast, accurate and reliable service
  3. Visible and Invisible web counters keep your web site looking the way you want
  4. Track multiple web sites from a single account and share
  5. Easy setup and no server requirement
  6. No ads on your website, or popups with advertising.
  7. Referring keywords and clickstream of any web visitor
  8. Accurate site statistics provide the detail you expect in a web site analytic