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Now here is a another web stats provider which is quite different with others. Features a "little live character" that counts visitors, hits, collect stats and can also sell products or help in site navigation.

  • Live characters. You can select as one as few of them at once (and they will be shown to your visitors randomly).Butterflies ( 5 )Smileys ( 2 )Your own smile (custom image)Flying dollarSnaky - a little snake
  • Optional static image instead of live charactersUse static image on pages of your site where live character do not meet design needsStatistics will be available for borth counters versions at once - Interactive and Static
  • Count hits/visitors in real time mode30 days visitors and hits graphToday page-by-page visitors and hits infoToday referrers list, you can see where your visitors come from
    Custom "On-click" menu
    of Interactive counters (live characters)Your own commands/content of menuUnique menu for each page can be setYou select what your LiveCounter will say to visitor