Features of counting4free

  • NO ADS: There will be no ads on your counter
  • Cool styles: We offer counters in 50 unique styles
  • 100% free: We will never charge you for using the counter !
  • Multiple counters: Feel free to sign up for as many counters as you want.
  • No limits: We will count your visitors even if you have quite a lot of them. There is no limit for the maximum amount of visitors to your site.
  • Reload protection: Our counters will display the amount of unique visitors to your site rather than counting all accesses of these people.
  • This way you will know how many real people have actually visited your site. By login in, however, you can also find out the total amount of accesses...
  • MySQL database: Our MySQL database guarantees highest possible performance.
  • Fast servers: This site is running on our high speed dedicated servers to guarantee reliability and performance
  • Support: Our support staff usually answers e-mails within 24 hours.