Do you own a wap site or wml site - now track the visitors

Do you own a wap site or wml site - now track the visitors

wap sites are not like the websites as we all know that tracking them is a more difficult work then the normal websites you have to look various things like referral search engine,keywords,referring sites etc.There are some websites which can help in overcoming this situation these are

All of the three are having the best of the technologies and guess what they all are free to use no money but instead they will pay you also in case you have a high traffic driving wapsite by putting their ads or link texts it is really fine i am adding some of the screenshots of the dashboard which you might like we will discuss how to use it properly thereafter.
Following are the features which are provided by for free :

Visitor Metrics Summary
Traffic Metrics Summary
E-commerce Metrics Summary
Top 10 Referring Sites
Top 10 Referring Pages
Top 10 Pages with/without Query String
Top 10 Search Engines
Top 10 Search Terms
Top 10 Countries
Top 10 Wireless Carriers
Top 10 Handset Manufacturers
Top 10 Handset Models
Top 10 Desktop Browsers
Unique Visitors
New Visitors
Pages with / without Query String
Pages per Visit (Total and Average)
Time on Site (Total and Average)
Time on Page (Total and Average)
Bounce Rate

Downloads tracker - statcounter

latest new features from statcounter is the download tracker.It helps users to track down the details about how many visitors are using their websites and downloading content from it.According to it - Do you have a download on your website? Perhaps a PDF, picture or Excel file or some other format file? If you do this stat can tell you the number of times these downloads are being clicked.
well i have used it but still it shows nil but my website have good download traffic and it is not possible that there is no downloads.There is also activity tracker for the downloader like it tells Date,Time,Click

track adsense - tracks ads

Free AdSense Tracker

Know who clicks your ads

is there a way to track the ip of any user who clicks your adsense ad??

but are they perfect to track out the person who clicks your ads there are many softwares for wordpress,drupal and joomla also which can help you in it.

What we suggest is google tracking system itself is one of the best as you can know by making channels as how much you get in visitor can do this with the help of google analytics.

learn from the full post here as how to track and make google analytics to work for your adsense tracking.

other options

well there are some extra suggestions by us.

ClickAider can be a useful tool as it is an analysis tool which helps publishers to maximize their revenues from Pay-Per-Click Advertisements.They'll track and let you know where your website visitors go whenever they leave your site by clicking on direct links or submitting forms.And many much more.

A software was also there AdLogger
This software also helped to track the clicks and ad performance a lot.But due to some recent changes in the Google AdSense program, AdLogger has been rendered inaccurate and useless.

Download it here

PHP Click Tracker - Track Ad Clicks Free -- this is a small javascript which interacts with a server side page to track who clicked an ad, the ad they selected and the page the ad was on.

download files here

with the instructions

Clicking on my ads.

You can watch and see any of the ad serving publishers faqs it is a void step, in case you do so knowingly or unknowingly it is a matter of making your contract with that publisher to an end.

How google adsense detect fraud clicks? .. they have tracking systems 

No body clicks on my ads

well it is your problem nothing with the advertisers problem.You should look for various measures if no one clicks on your ads.You can try other placements for your ads. Try other colors. Add original content to your blog. Don`t create sites only to earn money with them.
Blend your ads with the background

problems with the automatic upgrade plugin,wpau_prelimcheck.class 300,

problems with the automatic upgrade plugin,wpau_prelimcheck.class 300.php not able to find directory wp-admin

Some people facing the problems with the automatic upgrade plugin. i have got the solution for you guys if all goes right then you will be automatically upgrade your wordpress plugin if it shows any error related to this plugin find yur solution here.

the main problem was at the time of giving the ftp details.

When you provide ftp details be sure you are giving the right path yes the path problem is the main problem.Just for example you have more than 1 website on a server like me they may be domains or subdomains.Now when you connect to ftp >> then to public_html folder then to website url .

Then this is the complete path not any /public_html or / just in case you have more websites on one web hosting.

For example take then you have to give path /public_html/ then it will work out.

Free mobile analytics

Free mobile analytics providers

Well if you have an wap or mobile website then you might be thinking of what kind of users are coming to your wapsite or what are the devices and operating systems which they are using well wap sites or mobile websites are different from the general websites and it is really difficult to track the visitors clearly , yet there are some ongoing efforts which are making this happen this post is all about it only.If you think that and google analytics can do so at present then it is a wrong belief they do track them but not fully.

Why wap website tracking >

Well you should better know it that wap market or mobile market is the upcoming biggest market for everyone who is related to I.T sector.It is a boom and will really effect many things.
According to comscore about 30 million United states people are accessing the web using their mobile devices during january 07 as compared to 159 million pc users of U.s that amounts a great about 19 % and soon it will florish more and more.

What are the types of traditional website tracking ?

JavaScript page tagging >> not work with most of the handsets

HTTP Cookies

HTTP Referer this shows the information from where a visitor navigated but it is not provided on mobile in the majority of cases.

Image tags >> depends on mobile image caching mechanisms.

IP address >> doesn't works well but can be used

Lets see what are the resources available to us.

Mobile web analytics

well as compared to the simple websites mobile websites cannot include javascript with them as most of the cellphone handsets are not compatible to them,the use of standard web trackers can be misleading even though i have placed some of them on my websites but they really are misleading.Both top website analytics statcounter and google analytics fail to perform so.

Ways to collect wap analytics data

It is clear that it is quite difficult to obtain the exact information about the visitors and that creates a problematic situations for the people who want to analyse the visitors activity.So visitors might try more than one of the following measures.

Image tags or beacons
Link redirection
HTTP Header analysis
IP address analysis

read more about them here

what are the third party free Mobile web analytics solutions


It is free.Bango is a mobile advertiser and through Bango, people can sell their mobile content around the world.They provide an analtics system which help webmaster to track their visitors.They don't just show the hits but have personal records also.

Features according to them which they offer are

How many unique visitors today?
What phones their brands,etc?
What networks in which countries do my visitors use?
Most popular page?
Which search term gives the best results?
What’s my total return from a marketing campaign?
Are there any problems with the routes into my site?

There is another service provider of mobile analytics that is


well it is paid service ,

How they work

Mobile Analytics captures the underlying TCP/IP traffic allowing analysis of HTTP, WAP and other relevant protocols. Statistics are then generated and presented via a comprehensive web-based reporting tool.

The types of statistics which are provided includes:
Bandwidth (total, average per visit, total per file type)
Hits (average per visit, number of downloads, page view breakdown)
Visits (entry page, average duration, click paths, referring search engine)
Visitors (browser type, user agent, operating system)
Handsets (make, model, screen resolution)
Mobile Operator (country of origin, operator name)
Geo Location (country of origin, RDNS lookup)

Follow here for more

Admob >> Free analytics provider >> For anyone

admob is a mobile advertiser company with a very good repo.They are currently in private beta process and are providing this free of cost anybody can have it.


this is a good work from them because they are themselves in mobile advertisement business hence it become essential to let the publishers and advertisers know how and where the ads are served.
With the help of this users can

Optimize for the specific users visiting your mobile site
Strengthen site performance based upon user interaction with your pages
Evaluate traffic sources and refine your customer acquisition strategy
Maximize desired conversion events

Mobilytics™ >> Mobilytics™ Starter subscription is completely free

What they offer is

Accurate Mobile Statistics
Goal & Revenue Tracking for advertisers
Powerful Analytics API.
Mobile Specific Metrics (device information)
Ad Campaign Tracker
Daily Email Reports.

Learn about their provided features here

Wap site tracker

Free visitor tracker from google

Free web statics from google
Google analytics and your stats

Well there is another tracker for your website that too from google itself. This is google
analytics.There are some unique and some confusing features of this tracker.
HAve a look on this products features here:

1)Fast Implementation

Just paste the Google Analytics tracking code into each of your website pages and tracking begins immediately.

2)Keyword and Campaign Comparison

Track and compare all of your ads and email newsletters, affiliate campaigns, referrals, paid links, and keywords on Google and other search engines.

3)Custom Dashboards

No more digging and wasting time through reports. Put all the information you need on a custom Dashboard that you can email to others.

4)AdWords Integration (Thats the marketing funda)

Buy keywords on Google AdWords and use Google Analytics to learn which keywords are most profitable to your business.

5)Trend and Date Slider

Compare time periods and select date ranges without losing sight of long term trends.

6)Ecommerce Tracking

Trace transactions to campaigns and keywords, get loyalty and latency metrics, and identify your revenue sources.

7)Funnel Visualization

Find out which pages result in lost conversions and where your would-be customers go.

8)Site Overlay

See traffic and conversion information for every link as you browse your site. (no download required).

9)Email reports

Schedule or send ad-hoc personalized report emails that contain exactly the information you want to share.


Find out where your visitors come from and identify your most lucrative geographic markets.

Some other features are like:

2)Sophisticated Analytics.
3)Easy to use.
4)Scalable for any size site.

statcounter - new tracker

Statcounter had released the cs4
New StatCounter System - In Beta they are calling volunteers to check their new beta released verion of statcounter

We have been working on the new and improved StatCounter SC4 syste

» Faster Loading Keyword and Country Stats
» Exit Link Stats
» Download Stats

How to start
You need to create a new test project. This code should be added underneath your existing StatCounter code.

Note that you should retain your existing StatCounter code for now… Once the new system is fully operational we’ll convert all projects over to SC4 automatically.

To get started:
» Login to StatCounter with the “remember me” option
» Point your browser at this URL
» If successful the form should now read “BETA TEST SC4 PROJECT SETTINGS” then proceed as normal to install this new code below your current code.

(Note that if you logout and login again you will be directed back to the current StatCounter system.)

Configurable Counter

Configurable Counter

What is configurable counter :

If you are looking for a configurable counter. The service providers which we have listed have configurable counter facility which allows users to customise its look to best suit your site's design. You can set the font size and color, the background color, and whether to display pageloads or unique visitors. visible counter will allow visitors to your site view your total pageloads or unique visitors to date.

you can see stats which display summary stats per day, week, month, quarter or year these are designed to show at a glance how many pageloads, unique visitors, returning visitors and first time visitors your site has received to date. They can be configured to display data of specific interest in a number of different ways. You can:

  • display summary stats using bar graphs or area graphs
  • toggle on and off pageloads/unique/returning/first-time data

So, for example, you can choose to view only pageloads for the period 13 Jan 2005 to 26 March 2005, or view pageloads, unique visitors and returning visitors for the Last 8 Weeks – virtually any configuration is possible. You can also “save” your favourite configuration so that it automatically displays every time you login.

Want to see demo at

Statcounter for Wordpress

Counter for wordpress

well statcounter group has started a new Official Wordpress Plugin for StatCounter which will allow you to easily install StatCounter on your blog and enjoy the full range of StatCounter stats!

For How do I use the StatCounter plug-in?
» Log into your StatCounter account.
» Click the wrench icon beside your project name.
» Click the ‘install’ code link.
» Follow the wizard and when asked for your web editor choose “”.
» Follow the remaining instructions

Free invisible counter

Free Invisible tracker for your website

Free invible counter providers list

if you are looking for a good free service provider which can provide you with the faility of invisble counter here is the way. All know generally about isnt it .It provides all users to install an invisible counter on their site. This is important if you wish to include StatCounter code on your site without it interrupting the design of your site.

Well there are some other competitiors too which involves this facility and you wil love to have a not visible counter to track your visitors activity without their knowledge.

How invisble counter helps a webmaster ?

Invisible counter helps a webmaster very much if his/her website is new and he dont want to show the public about his real stats or hits.


Websites with this facility

  • : well this website has shifted to a new  path . According to them it is free and provides all the data which can help you to keep your visitors tacking.

 Installation and Usage
 First signup with whatcounter and then you will be supplied with a piece of code to place on the pages you want to track, and a .js file to upload to your server. This file simply relays your tracking info to us to process. To check your stats will need to log in with your username and password (originally provided by us but which you can change)


  • : Another free invisible tracker provider. Well looks nice as this facility is completely FREE : Absolutely no charges : EVER! they provide facility to choose from invisible hit counter or visible - your choice!.Automated HTML editor option,You get accurate and instantaneous counter updates.Also more extensive reporting that puts paid hit counters to shame.Customised counters available to match your site perfectly. Just read their for further details on their services.

getting started is easy just sign up and get the code generated and then add that code to your webpage.Thats all.Your invisible counter is ready.


  • : we have already added this website in my previous posts.The main important function this website provides beside providing free invisible web counter is ActiveMeter can be used with any web site design technology, including html, javascript, php, dreamweaver, or flash. Even if you already have a hit counter, you can add ActiveMeter to your web site without having to uninstall anything.There will be no ads on your website.


  • : A new one yet reliable service provider.It provides visitor IP tracker, JavaScript web counter and invisible web tracker.RiteCounter stays invisible to your users!.No page restrictions, larger log sizes!.This web tracker service provider also tracks through  search engines mean it keeps track of how much traffic you're getting from each search engine, be it Yahoo, AOL, Google, MSN, or something else.




website performance tracker,

  • Full and right tracking solution for your website, subprofile, blog or photo album.                     
  • MySpace Visitor Tracking Code New

  • Fast & Accurate Realtime Visitor Tracking

  • Extensive Stats Summary Page

  • Track Page Views as well as Unique & Return Visitors

  • Private & Hidden Tracking*

  • Search Bot Analysis*

  • 100% Accurate, No-Downtime PHP Tracking Code*

  • SEO Tools

  • Stats by Hour,Day,Month and Year

  • from Search, Website, EMail - Referral Tracking

  • Traffic Forecasts

  • Extensive Lists (Pages, Referral Links, Search Engines, Keywords, etc..)

  • Tracks what ISP, City, State & Country your Visitors are from

  • Visitor Path Tracking

  • Link Up multiple Accounts for Network Wide Traffic Summary Page!

  • Who's Online List

  • 30,90,120 day Trend Graphs

  • Mini-Trend Graph for your website

  • Custom Link Tracking

  • Who's Online Counter & Hit Counter Codes

  • Link Exchange Code (easily manage traffic trades)

  • Poll Box Code (get feedback)

  •  Free of cost                                                                                                                                                                                     

Web tracking system,Log reports generator,ip tracker, - chami

Web tracking system from chami

Doorbells for web pages, geographical maps plotted on-the-fly, and multi-level log report generators

Features include:

  • Log reports generator ( : Examine the popularity of your web pages ,How many users visit your page hourly, daily, monthly?,What browser types, browser versions and operating systems are used to access your web page?
  • Real-time statistics : most current and fast information using log reports generated on-the-fly
  • easy retrieval of previous log reports
  • Printable format of charts for your presentations.
  • Charts can be further customised into various forms including bar, horizontal bar, line, fast line, area, point and pie charts, depending on the type of the information presented.
  • Total unique hits and unique visitors - according to per day / per month / to-date charts.
  • "WhoIs" information including geographical and/or organizational source of the hits
  • IP address colorizing

Unique feature :

  • US domain (*.us) identification : to help you know about K12/technical/vocational schools, community colleges, libraries, museums, federal/state/city/county government agencies etc.
  • Optional live doorbell which means when a visitor visits your websites. It will ring your doorbell(websites), your home page on the web with LiveCounter Plug and Play will make a sound when others visit it
  • Customizable counter display and hidden counter you can change the number of digits displayed, hide leading zeros, remove the border and adjust the speed of the animation
  • Count multiple pages
  • Most active US states table.

Note: Java-enabled browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox, or other recent browser are required to display the dynamic counter and the door-bell

MySpace tracker,Xanga counter ,Invisible counter,

Website statistics

Hits log provides detailed information about your site's visitors. Their service is easy to install : all you need to do is to just signup and then copy and paste a small snippet of HTML coding on your pages.MySpace tracker and counter for other spaces which allow HTML code only.

Features of hitslog

  • FREE hit counter
  • Invisible counter
  • Statistics by email
  • Real-time reporting
  • Totals and averages summary
  • Referring URL's and domains
  • Country statistics
  • Visitors log
  • System tracking
  • Outgoing links statistics
  • Search engine/keyword analysis
  • Private website statistics
  • MySpace tracker
  • Xanga counter

Real time stats,invisible counters, Transparent styles,100 digit styles,

Get the easy to install hits tracker having 100's of display features .This free web counter service can be placed on any web site :

  • Real time stats
  • Easy to read charts & graphs
  • Invisible counter available
  • Transparent styles
  • 100 digit styles
  • No software to install
  • Graphically display

free and reliable web counters,

Free web counter provides free and reliable web counters which are easy to place.

Features of Freewebcounter :

100% totally free, do not require additional links
Very easy to create, no email is required
Very reliable (offers 99% availability )
Free counters may not be used on password protected pages, the web counter will not count two sequential hits from the same ip address
Image hit counter with many styles to choose from.
no sponsor links, no more unnecessary junk on your web page

counters for eBay store,trackers for MySpace ,

Features include:

Web Statistics
  • professional web site
  • personal homepage
  • blog
  • eBay listing
  • eBay store
  • MySpace web site
  • Xanga web site
  • Geocities
  • Over 500 free counter styles in different languages

160 counters,free and simple counter,

Features include:

free and simple
over 160 counters to choose from
website traffic stats

simple free hit counter,track visitor,javascript tracker,

FREESTATS TRACKS Features include:

  • Traffic Reports Hourly Traffic >Daily Traffic >Monthly Traffic >Yearly Traffic >
  • Most Popular Pages
  • Current Visitors Marketing Reports
  • Top Referrers
  • Top Search Engines
  • Top Keywords
  • Time Spent on Site
  • Return Frequency Path Reports >Top Paths
  • Top Entry Pages >Top Exit Pages
  • Page Analysis Visitor Profile Reports
  • Last 100 Visitors
  • Latest Visitor Detail
  • Window Size & Browser
  • Monitor Resolution & Colors
  • Operating System >Languages & Countries >Javascript & Cookies >Timezone

Demo here

keywords,All Website Referrers, last hits referrers, -

track your website's statistics

Key features of

  • Free service
  • VisitorsTotal hits
  • Referrers
  • See what sites are linked to you and how much traffic they are sending.
  • Search Engines
  • What search engines have you listed
  • what keywords are sending visitors.
  • Platforms/Browsers
  • Surfer's screen size settings, browser, color, Java status and operating system.
  • Visitor Profiles
  • visitors, including their physical location and language.

Demo here :

invisible counter, hits,visitor statistics

Some features of free Flow Counter includes :

  • Depth visitor tracking
  • operating system
  • screen resolution
  • color depth, browser
  • javascript, java
  • top level domain
  • time & date
  • last hits & referrers
  • different styles to choose from [invisible counter]
  • Optional weekly e-mail containing visitor statistics from your site during the past week, including the possibility to set multiple recipients.
  • Block ip hits


Your website must not generate more than 15,000 hits two months in a row

If your counter does not record any hits within three full calendar months, your counter and all saved statistics will be deleted.

Stats by hits, Daily access logs, visitor demographics

Free Trial Membership


  • Stats by hits
  • Unique visitors: information about how many people - "unique visitors" (unique IPs) visit your site.
  • Multiple pages
  • Daily access logs
  • Countries - visitor demographics
  • Web Browsers
  • Java, Javascript
  • Operating Systems
  • Plug-Ins
  • Referral Domains
  • Search Engines & Keywords
  • Referral URLs - Learn which links users follow to enter your site.

Paid version includes no ads

track site,website tracker for you, -FishClix Tracker

FishClix Tracker

is much more than a counter(what is more than counter it is tracker ).
With a simple copy and paste of our code you can know about everything about your visitors and track site trends on a daily, monthly and even on an annual basis.

If you remove the ad link they will disable your service.

- Great free counter service, very easy to install.

numbers, percentages, stats, totals and averages, visitor keywords


• Real-time reporting • Wide range of specifications • Extensive referrer tracking • JavaScript optimized (5 times faster) • Your time zone • No traffic limitations • Setup within a few minutes • Completely FREE!

Some more :

Totals and Averages
Unique Visitors:
Incl., Excl. Reloads:]
Geo Tracking
System Tracking
Referrer Tracking
Last 20 from Searchengines
Totals by Source: - Website - Searchengine - Email - Usenet - Harddisk Totals by Searchengine: - 24 most popular engines All Keywords All Website Referrers

comprehensive website statistics system - Estats4all

Website stats for webmasters

features include:

log host/ip, referer, agent, time&date, resolution&color, online-time, pageimpressions
store IP-adress+cookie to avoid multiple hits by the same user (you can set a timeout)
multiple page count - include PPhlogger on ALL your pages throughout your whole site
Top X referrers
Top keywords
Top X domains
Top territories
Top resolution
Top color
Average online-time
Calendar - shows your daily/monthly unique hits or pageimpressions
Views per day graphic
Enable/disable your own hits (set a cookie)
Show/hide referers in logs
(re)set your page hits
Demo-mode to make stats available to the public
As much as we focus on collection and displaying the statistics for your site we also offer a simple counter, you may choose your own TTF-font, bg/fg-color, font-size for your counter.
You may choose your own StyleSheet (phloggstyle.css / phpeestyle.css / sahara.css to customize the look of your Stats Counsel

Note: Demo page not working and signup page not found

create a hit counter - Get a free hit counter for your web site

Easy Hit Counter

Free Web Counter is truly the EASIEST Free Hit Counter that you can find.

Around 20 styles to choose from
Easy set up

free tracking service - DownloadCounter.Com

Counters and Tracker System :


Accurate & Detailed Statistics
Customize To Match Your Site : For paid plans you can even have "invisible" download tracking!
Put Statistics On Your Site
Built In Form Gateway
Statistics By Email
Get Fast & Helpful Support

No hard work for you just cut copy paste

Supported by advertisements For free plans and paid plans are free from advertisement.

Must have - search engine crawler notifier

Email Notifier for Website

Automatically get an email notification whenever a search engine crawler (spider/agent/robot) is scanning your website

it is FREE

You need following setups: For PHP setups: you must have PHP 4.1.0 or later installed. For ASP setups: MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP v4 or v5 must be installed. No Perl script at the moment, sorry.

PLease read their

Java web hit counter

Sat Feb 28, Counters are down. They will be back shortly

See there server status please