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Web tracking system from chami

Doorbells for web pages, geographical maps plotted on-the-fly, and multi-level log report generators

Features include:

  • Log reports generator (http://www.chami.com/counter/pnp/info/logdemo/ : Examine the popularity of your web pages ,How many users visit your page hourly, daily, monthly?,What browser types, browser versions and operating systems are used to access your web page?
  • Real-time statistics : most current and fast information using log reports generated on-the-fly
  • easy retrieval of previous log reports
  • Printable format of charts for your presentations.
  • Charts can be further customised into various forms including bar, horizontal bar, line, fast line, area, point and pie charts, depending on the type of the information presented.
  • Total unique hits and unique visitors - according to per day / per month / to-date charts.
  • "WhoIs" information including geographical and/or organizational source of the hits
  • IP address colorizing

Unique feature :

  • US domain (*.us) identification : to help you know about K12/technical/vocational schools, community colleges, libraries, museums, federal/state/city/county government agencies etc.
  • Optional live doorbell which means when a visitor visits your websites. It will ring your doorbell(websites), your home page on the web with LiveCounter Plug and Play will make a sound when others visit it
  • Customizable counter display and hidden counter you can change the number of digits displayed, hide leading zeros, remove the border and adjust the speed of the animation
  • Count multiple pages
  • Most active US states table.

Note: Java-enabled browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox, or other recent browser are required to display the dynamic counter and the door-bell