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Well if you have an wap or mobile website then you might be thinking of what kind of users are coming to your wapsite or what are the devices and operating systems which they are using well wap sites or mobile websites are different from the general websites and it is really difficult to track the visitors clearly , yet there are some ongoing efforts which are making this happen this post is all about it only.If you think that and google analytics can do so at present then it is a wrong belief they do track them but not fully.

Why wap website tracking >

Well you should better know it that wap market or mobile market is the upcoming biggest market for everyone who is related to I.T sector.It is a boom and will really effect many things.
According to comscore about 30 million United states people are accessing the web using their mobile devices during january 07 as compared to 159 million pc users of U.s that amounts a great about 19 % and soon it will florish more and more.

What are the types of traditional website tracking ?

JavaScript page tagging >> not work with most of the handsets

HTTP Cookies

HTTP Referer this shows the information from where a visitor navigated but it is not provided on mobile in the majority of cases.

Image tags >> depends on mobile image caching mechanisms.

IP address >> doesn't works well but can be used

Lets see what are the resources available to us.

Mobile web analytics

well as compared to the simple websites mobile websites cannot include javascript with them as most of the cellphone handsets are not compatible to them,the use of standard web trackers can be misleading even though i have placed some of them on my websites but they really are misleading.Both top website analytics statcounter and google analytics fail to perform so.

Ways to collect wap analytics data

It is clear that it is quite difficult to obtain the exact information about the visitors and that creates a problematic situations for the people who want to analyse the visitors activity.So visitors might try more than one of the following measures.

Image tags or beacons
Link redirection
HTTP Header analysis
IP address analysis

read more about them here

what are the third party free Mobile web analytics solutions


It is free.Bango is a mobile advertiser and through Bango, people can sell their mobile content around the world.They provide an analtics system which help webmaster to track their visitors.They don't just show the hits but have personal records also.

Features according to them which they offer are

How many unique visitors today?
What phones their brands,etc?
What networks in which countries do my visitors use?
Most popular page?
Which search term gives the best results?
What’s my total return from a marketing campaign?
Are there any problems with the routes into my site?

There is another service provider of mobile analytics that is


well it is paid service ,

How they work

Mobile Analytics captures the underlying TCP/IP traffic allowing analysis of HTTP, WAP and other relevant protocols. Statistics are then generated and presented via a comprehensive web-based reporting tool.

The types of statistics which are provided includes:
Bandwidth (total, average per visit, total per file type)
Hits (average per visit, number of downloads, page view breakdown)
Visits (entry page, average duration, click paths, referring search engine)
Visitors (browser type, user agent, operating system)
Handsets (make, model, screen resolution)
Mobile Operator (country of origin, operator name)
Geo Location (country of origin, RDNS lookup)

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Admob >> Free analytics provider >> For anyone

admob is a mobile advertiser company with a very good repo.They are currently in private beta process and are providing this free of cost anybody can have it.


this is a good work from them because they are themselves in mobile advertisement business hence it become essential to let the publishers and advertisers know how and where the ads are served.
With the help of this users can

Optimize for the specific users visiting your mobile site
Strengthen site performance based upon user interaction with your pages
Evaluate traffic sources and refine your customer acquisition strategy
Maximize desired conversion events

Mobilytics™ >> Mobilytics™ Starter subscription is completely free

What they offer is

Accurate Mobile Statistics
Goal & Revenue Tracking for advertisers
Powerful Analytics API.
Mobile Specific Metrics (device information)
Ad Campaign Tracker
Daily Email Reports.

Learn about their provided features here

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