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Know who clicks your ads

is there a way to track the ip of any user who clicks your adsense ad??

but are they perfect to track out the person who clicks your ads there are many softwares for wordpress,drupal and joomla also which can help you in it.

What we suggest is google tracking system itself is one of the best as you can know by making channels as how much you get in visitor can do this with the help of google analytics.

learn from the full post here as how to track and make google analytics to work for your adsense tracking.

other options

well there are some extra suggestions by us.

ClickAider can be a useful tool as it is an analysis tool which helps publishers to maximize their revenues from Pay-Per-Click Advertisements.They'll track and let you know where your website visitors go whenever they leave your site by clicking on direct links or submitting forms.And many much more.

A software was also there AdLogger
This software also helped to track the clicks and ad performance a lot.But due to some recent changes in the Google AdSense program, AdLogger has been rendered inaccurate and useless.

Download it here

PHP Click Tracker - Track Ad Clicks Free -- this is a small javascript which interacts with a server side page to track who clicked an ad, the ad they selected and the page the ad was on.

download files here

with the instructions

Clicking on my ads.

You can watch and see any of the ad serving publishers faqs it is a void step, in case you do so knowingly or unknowingly it is a matter of making your contract with that publisher to an end.

How google adsense detect fraud clicks? .. they have tracking systems 

No body clicks on my ads

well it is your problem nothing with the advertisers problem.You should look for various measures if no one clicks on your ads.You can try other placements for your ads. Try other colors. Add original content to your blog. Don`t create sites only to earn money with them.
Blend your ads with the background