statcounter - new tracker

Statcounter had released the cs4
New StatCounter System - In Beta they are calling volunteers to check their new beta released verion of statcounter

We have been working on the new and improved StatCounter SC4 syste

» Faster Loading Keyword and Country Stats
» Exit Link Stats
» Download Stats

How to start
You need to create a new test project. This code should be added underneath your existing StatCounter code.

Note that you should retain your existing StatCounter code for now… Once the new system is fully operational we’ll convert all projects over to SC4 automatically.

To get started:
» Login to StatCounter with the “remember me” option
» Point your browser at this URL
» If successful the form should now read “BETA TEST SC4 PROJECT SETTINGS” then proceed as normal to install this new code below your current code.

(Note that if you logout and login again you will be directed back to the current StatCounter system.)