Myspace Tracker, Tracking Myspace profile

Finding a free tracker for myspace has become a hot topic amoung bloggers
and disgruntled myspace users. We have tested and tried all of the free myspace trackers and have only found 1 that is worth our members' valuable time. Finding a worthy myspace tracker was a task in itself, and we can only hope that readers will utilize the information provided to make their decision. Please note that most of these myspace trackers are fake, contain spyware, exploit myspace security holes or are completely useless. Below is a list of fake myspace tracker services and their actual function.
Well if you google it you can find many of them like the


I am going to take first the as it is on top and have great amount of web traffic.

What they have explained is that tracking is possible for MySpace Trackers to identify which computer (via IP address) has visited your MySpace profile; although it is not possible to determine with 100% accuracy with which user was actually on that computer, or what MySpace profile they were logged into (if they were actually logged into a MySpace profile at the time).

It is free

It seems to be safe for me

Registration is easy